Bet for a draw on PSG and Chelsea

Paris Saint-Germain welcomes Chelsea in the first leg of perhaps the most interesting match, which will see in the 1/8 finals of this year Champions League. Surprisingly or not, two of the strongest teams in the league were chosen to play against each other in the very first round of eliminations. This one is going to be a really great match with many interesting betting opportunities. It is enough just to have a look of what bet365 is offering for this match. There are more than 120 betting option for the match between PSG and Chelsea.

After 25 matches, Chelsea is more than imperative in the Premier League, where 13 round before the end leads with seven points of second-placed Manchester City. The team has made only two losses so far in the Premier League and is without any doubt the best team in the league. The latest news around Chelsea and the other teams in the Premier League, you can see at Expertbet.

PSG, however, hasn’t been so impressive in the French Ligue 1. Right now, they are on the third position with two points behind the leaders from Lyon. Like Chelsea, PSG also has only two losses so far, but because of the so many draws they’ve made they are not on the top of the current standings.

Those who love to watch the matches from the Premier League surely have noticed that the form of Chelsea’s players have dropped a little last month. According to many football experts, the most probable reason for that is the huge efforts made by the players of Jose Mourinho in the first half of the season. This strategy helped them to open a gap between the other teams in the league which help the to fully concentrate on the Champions League knockout phase. However, because of this form drop, now the bookmakers like bet365 put them as an underdog in the first match against Paris Saint-Germain. Right now, bet365 offers 2.5 for a home win and 2.8 for a win for Chelsea in the first leg.

The draw in this match is estimated at 3.25 by the bookmaker. Given the nature of Jose Mourinho and the skills of his players, this seems like the most likely outcome of this match. It is clear for everyone that the Portuguese manager wants to play as safety as possible in the important matches (the two meetings with Manchester City are an excellent example of this. Both ended with draws) and this match against PSG is for sure an important one. It could be said everyone in the French team would certainly be happy to get a goalless draw, which would give them excellent opportunities in the rematch.

Thus, a bet for a draw in the match between PSG and Chelsea with odds of 3.25 proposed by the bet365 seems like a fully justified bet. Moreover, precisely for this match the bookmaker offers many options for bonuses and additional bets.

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